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In our online store, we offer products to protect the human body from the harmful negative effects of electronic devices that are used daily by office workers and people at home. Our products include blue light blocking products (glasses, filters), frequency blocking products (caps, shirts, underwear) as well as nutritional supplements to revitalize the human body.

We are trying to bring established American brands such as SYB, LAMBS (clothing from silver fibers) and LifeExtension (nutritional supplements) to the Slovak and European markets, and in the future also the SLNT brand (equipment security), as well as high-quality European brands such as SHIELD, BiologaDanell (clothing from silver fibers) or KUGO glasses. We are also working on the gradual expansion of our own line of silver fiber products, which meet all the required parameters, but are also available at favorable prices.

The clothes are made of a special silver shielding material that has many benefits for the human body (it helps to improve blood circulation and maintain body temperature), it is antibacterial, anti-odor and anti-static, it also blocks electromagnetic frequencies. The frames of the glasses are made of different types of wood (oak, walnut, rosewood) and their Japanese lenses help fight against blue light at different levels of the light spectrum. Nutritional supplements are made in the USA and help the human body protect and maintain its natural balance.

For all the products we sell, we also try to ensure the results of their tests, efficiency tests as well as material safety tests. Also, if possible, we test the products with EMF meters or contact other experts, for example, to measure with a spectrometer.

In the EMF blog section, we collect relevant information and articles in the field of protection against EMF radiation.

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