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It represents an ecological and biologically acceptable way to improve people's health.



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 Brand KUGO glasses 

In 2018, KUGO glasses began to emerge with a vision of producing high-quality blue light-blocking glasses that will be accessible to everyone. As a strongly positive and progressive team, they decided to go for it ecologically and with an all-wood design. Today we can say that they have created glasses that can filter out all the harmful effects of blue light on our health. They want to bring quality and clarity to the world of blue light-blocking glasses, because people are often confused about what to choose. For them, customer education is seen as the first step to shopping, which will ultimately lead to a better and healthier lifestyle. They want to maximally inspire people to a better life. The creation of KUGO glasses is intended for people to live their lives based on their decisions and their dreams.

KUGO glasses were created based on the belief that high-quality glasses blocking blue light should be available to everyone. When creating all wooden glasses, they have a strong focus on the environment. They plant a tree for each of the glasses sold. They don't just talk about change, but we start creating it ourselves.


 Benefits of KUGO glasses  

Improving eyesight
reduction of digital eye strain and thus headaches
Better sleep
improved sleep quality due to improved melatonin levels
Natural materials
wooden or acetate spectacle frames
Planting trees
planting a tree for each piece of glasses sold
Ecological approach
nature-friendly production
Support for our planet
use of only biodegradable materials
High quality
each glasses are hand finished
Modern design
stylish glasses for everyone


  Reviews and tests 


"My favorite - Orange and red lenses glasses from KUGO glasses"

These glasses, as you will find out, are really my favorite for several reasons.

First, the right approach to development and marketing (they preferred to wait longer until they were confident in quality than selling a cat in a bag), second, quality and good eyeglass blocking, plus a wooden design frame.

What I also consider to be a huge advantage is that the company also handles diopters, so they can adjust your glasses exactly to measure. At the moment, it is the only company in our country that does this.

Glasses are among the more expensive, but very nice, aesthetic and especially effective, which are also suitable for society. Which is also great on them, they hold well on the head, even during sharp movements (believe me, I tried it).

I also offer you a Discount Code for these glasses and you will find it below. Here I attach a picture from the measurement of orange and red. The only difference is in the larger green block for red glass. This will be appreciated by people who have problems, the elderly, or anyone who wants confidence for their melatonin. They also offer glasses in various designs (men's and women's).


  • Nice and aesthetic (choice of different designs, women's and men's)
  • Beautiful wooden and sturdy case, along with a cloth and cover
  • Also suitable for society
  • Very effective and good blockage even of green color
  • They can be solved simultaneously with diopters and a custom frame
  • Slovak company, excellent and fast customer service and fast transport
  • Wooden frame (for me an advantage over BPA) and also thanks to that they hold perfectly on the head
  • They plan to expand with new models and a special upgrade in the future (I will inform you when there is more info)





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