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    Signalproof Baseball Cap with EMF protection.  Unisex - Unisize 

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    Signalproof Weighted Blanket (EMF protection)  Calming and relaxing effect 

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    Signalproof 5 Panel Cap with EMF protection.  Unisex - Unisize 

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  EMF Harmonizer pet tag for your loving friends  Strong protection 

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  Gift voucher  Flexible 

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  Light Signalproof Beanie with EMF protection.  Women 

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  EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace  Timeless 

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    Boxer Briefs.  The World’s Most Protective Underwear 

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  EMF Harmonizer Audio for wireless headphones/earbuds  Strong protection 

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    Signalproof Neck Tube Scarf with EMF protection.  Unisex - Unisize - Thyroid protection 

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Vitashield Neck Scarf

  Neck Scarf with EMF protection.  Unisex - Unisize - Thyroid protection 

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  Antiwave Ladies set of Leggings and Long sleeved shirt with EMF protection.  elastic - antistatic - organic cotton 

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    Signalproof RFID Pouch  unisize 

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  Light Signalproof Beanie with EMF protection.  Women 

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  Light Signalproof Beanie with EMF protection.  Kids 

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SYB Clip-On
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    SYB Clip-On Bluelight Glasses  Universal 

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    Signalproof RFID Pouch  textile - unisize 

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    Signalproof Ultra Lightweight Beanies with EMF protection.  New 

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vitashield - the shield of your health

Is EMF really a topic?

All devices that send and receive an administrator signal, such as wifi, bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G, have a negative effect on the human body. According to Dr. Johannson from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden we are exposed to a billion times more radiation  than 10 years ago. With the advent of 5G technologies and their future development and technologies such as AR - augmented reality or METAVERSE - online life, the amount of data transferred and the speed of transmission will constantly increase and thus our exposure to radiation. More than 200 scientists from leading scientific institutions around the world have already warned of the dangers of mobile phones. More than 2,000 works have already been published on the effects of electromagnetic fields and their frequencies - EMF on human health. According to these studies, EMF is constantly critically affected by the potential risk of cancer, fertility problems and imbalances.


Benefits of EMF protection:

Increase in HRV
Effective protection against EMF can increase your HRV heart rate variability by an average of up to 18%.

Better sleep
After eliminating EMF, up to 62% of customers report an improvement in sleep quality, also measured using a sleep monitor such as Oura Ring or Whoop.

Cleaner, healthier skin
EMF-blocking clothing blocks up to 10 times more UV radiation than regular clothing, thus preventing premature cell aging.

Brain fog reduction
Effective elimination of EMF has excellent effects in up to 78% of cases on increasing attention, reducing the intensity of headaches, improving memory and the overall feeling of happiness.

Improving immunity
EMF-blocking clothing also helps reduce oxidative stress and thus helps the immune system fight infections.

Increased fertility
By blocking low-frequency EMF, which has negative effects on sperm count and infertility in both women and men.

Digestion adjustment
The elimination of EMF helps the human body to relax and thus ensure a healthy and normal function of the digestive tract.

Adjustment of hormonal balance
Capturing blue light improves the hormonal balance of the human body and it plays a major role in a person's overall well-being.


 The products are tested in laboratories - The effects are verified in scientific studies - Verified by customers 



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