LAMBS anti radiation clothes benefits

 Lambs Actively Supports your Body and Mind 

Lambs is the world’s first health-enhancing apparel with scientifically proven positive effects on both the body and mind.



Top 8 Benefits Supported by Wearing Lambs

Lambs blocks wireless radiation (cellphone, wifi, 4G, 5G, bluetooth) and UV rays. Reducing these external stressors helps mitigate oxidative stress in your body. Just like eating antioxidants daily, wearing Lambs supports many benefits:



By mitigating oxidative stress risks, Lambs helps balance your immune system and fight off infections.


Energy & Recovery

Wearing Lambs is shown to increase HRV, a measure of body recovery & readiness, by an average of 18%.


Better Sleep

62% of Lambs customers reported an increase in sleep quality, measured by sleep trackers like Oura Ring or Whoop.


Improved Cognition

78% of Lambs customers report a boost in cognition (reduced brain fog and headaches), memory, and happiness.


Fertility Boost

Lambs WaveStopper™ blocks low levels of radiation known to cause reduced sperm count and infertility in men and women.


Healthier Skin

Lambs mitigates the accelerated aging process of our skin cells by blocking 10x more Ultra Violet rays than traditional apparel.


Healthy Aging

Lambs mitigates the accelerated aging process oxidative stress creates in our cells and body.



Wearing Lambs means your body can relax and keep your digestive functions healthy and “regular”.

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