Lemon juice test

 EMF Harmony prepared a test of their products you can try at home 

A simple way to demonstrate the energetic effect of EMF Harmony products is the "Lemon Juice Test" with our bracelet, pendant necklace, or watchband.

If you taste lemon juice that has been exposed to one of these EMF Harmony products you should notice less bitterness and acidity since its energy has been harmonized.


Here is how to do the test:

1. Choose two identical glasses and place them at least two feet from each other.


2. Wrap your EMF Harmonizer Mobility BraceletWristbandPendant Necklace, or Apple Watchband around the bottom of one of the glasses.


3. Fill the two glasses with the same amount of undiluted natural lemon juice.


4. Wait at least one minute, and then taste the difference!

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