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Vitashield red lenses clip

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Red lenses clip on


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Shield your eyes from green and blue light from all devices at least 1 hour before bedtime.
Red lenses clip on:
  • Powerful green & blue light protection.
  • Blocks 100% of blue light and green light up to 550nm.
  • Universal design with clip on, easily attach to any glasses/frame.
  • Can be lifted up while attached to glasses/frame.
  • Includes: clip, carrying corck case (natural material), microfiber cloth.

Shield your eyes from green and blue light:
Put on red lenses clip from sunset until bedtime to block sleep-disrupting green and blue light, synchronize your body’s rhythm with nature, and enjoy the best sleep of your life. Experience deep relaxation, easier falling asleep, and rejuvenation. Wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to succeed. Notice improvements in your health due to better sleep. 



*Vitashield products are not designed to treat or cure a disease or condition, or to alter a condition. However, they have the ability to block the blue and green light



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 "We help you to protect what matters the most."


With introducing our own line of silver fiber based products and silver/nickel based pouches and bags, we would like to bring you the highest quality products and materials at competitive/reasonable prices.

All products from our own line of silver based products are manufactured under the OEKO-TEX standard, our suppliers are certified under international authorities.



The main advantages of our silver fiber products are:

  • antimicrobial (silver ions blocks the bacterial respiratory system and thereby destroy the energy production of the cell, bacterial cell membrane bursts and bacteria dies)
  • signal blocking (lightweight and flexible multispectral shielding)
  • anti-odor (by eliminating the bacterias)
  • thermo regulating (cool down the body in summer and heat you up in winter)
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