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Vitashield Antiwave T-Shirt men

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Antiwave T-Shirt with EMF protection.

 elastic - antistatic - organic cotton 

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Protect your body against EMF.


Antiwave men's T-shirt:

This EMF protective T-shirt is made of unique ANTIWAVE ® fabric (manufactured in Germany) which is made of organic cotton, silver and a bit of polyamid to increase the stretch abilities. It's ultra-lightweight and it offers a very comfortable experience whilst providing solid protection.

The antiwave T-shirt is suitable for everyday wearing either in hot or cold weather and we can also recommend it for all sports activities.

Organic cotton fabric guarantees your comfort and blocks over 98% of wireless electromagnetic radiation such as cell phone or Wi-Fi radiation. This anti-radiation product gives you full 360° protection. It is naturally antibacterial and eliminates odours.

  • for shielding high-frequency electromagnetic waves
  • very good tear resistance with soft quality, antistatic, elastic
  • 100 % textile properties
  • elastic knitted fabric for a wide range of applications
  • organic cotton, kbA (controlled organic cultivation)

The New Antiwave quality is a right-left jacquard knit, in a combination of combed organic certified cotton and silver coated polyamide.

The coating is not made of controversial nano-silver, but of pure silver that surrounds the entire polyamide fibre. The precious metal silver is absolutely harmless to human health and to nature.

Pure silver has a natural antibacterial effect and can also have a positive effect on skin problems as well as excessive sweating and body odour.

Thanks to the innovative fabric construction and the use of high-quality materials, this knitted fabric protects against electromagnetic radiation in the range from 20 kHz to 10 GHz with an efficiency of > 97 %. This is confirmed by an expert opinion by the EMF test lab Bavaria.

Material: 89% Organic cotton, 2% Silver, 9% Polyamide.  

Care: Hand wash or Wash on 30/40 degrees on delicate/wool programme, Iron on maximum 110 degrees/nylon programme, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry

Size - measurements:

* in case the measurements are on the limit of the next size, please choose the bigger one

Measure (cm) M - 50 L - 52 XL - 54
(1) Bust 48 51 54
(2) Total lenght 73 75 77
(3) Waist 48 50 53
(4) Seam bottom 49 51 54
(5) Arm width 17 18 18
(6) Arm lenght 24 24 24
(7) Shoulder width 13 14 15
(8) Neckline 8 8 8



*vitashield products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or medical condition, or to create any change in medical condition. It is just an ordinary outfit with an extraordinary ability to protect against EMF.




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 "We help you to protect what matters the most."


With introducing our own line of silver fiber based products and silver/nickel based pouches and bags, we would like to bring you the highest quality products and materials at competitive/reasonable prices.

All products from our own line of silver based products are manufactured under the OEKO-TEX standard, our suppliers are certified under international authorities.



The main advantages of our silver fiber products are:

  • antimicrobial (silver ions blocks the bacterial respiratory system and thereby destroy the energy production of the cell, bacterial cell membrane bursts and bacteria dies)
  • signal blocking (lightweight and flexible multispectral shielding)
  • anti-odor (by eliminating the bacterias)
  • thermo regulating (cool down the body in summer and heat you up in winter)
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